Sunday, January 16, 2011

How am I doing so far?

So, my goals are not going 100% ok, but I am doing so so... here it is.

1. From Monday to Friday: Take the bus to my office ride every morning instead of a cab. That’s 130 CRC. vs. 1300CRC.Money saved in 5 days: 5850 CRC. Saturday and Sunday, ride the bus all the way to my weekends part time job. Bus Rides total per day: 1080col. Taxi ride: around 7000CRC. Money saved in 2 days: 11840 CRC
For the past 5 weeks, I have taken just 2 taxis in the morning during the weekdays, mainly because I was carrying too much stuff to take on the bus. About Sundays, there is no early bus in the neighborhood so taxi is the only choice I have.

2. Spend this Sunday, tiding up my apartment. That includes doing some laundry and the dishes (Jan 2nd)(I will upload a picture for evidence)
I did clean up a little but not as much as I should have. So I could say this is in progress. No pic, since I have lost the camera battery charger, I expect to have that resolved later on today.

3. I will start knitting a scarf this week, to get my mind off work.
I still don't have the "equipment" I need for this. So this one is on hold.

4. Special K Cereal and fruit for breakfast everyday of the week.
This one I have done a few days not all. Mainly because I have been a bit sick from my belly and milk makes it worst.

5. Do 3 favors or nice things for 3 people (1 each) I don't necessarily like very much.
This one I did! Baked cupcakes for someoone's b-day! Helped another person with their work! Helped someone find an apartment!

So, I will continue working on these and will keep you posted!



PS: visit this blogg, LOVE IT!

Shoes I love this week:

I wish I had more money, so I can buy more shoes!

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