Friday, September 23, 2011

animal prints

animal prints

Dolce Gabbana flutter sleeve dress
$2,080 -

Lipsy leopard print top
£32 -

Manoush ruffle bikini swimwear
$129 -

Padded bra
$9.99 -

Sam edelman boots
$274 -

Fiorelli leopard print handbag
£39 -

Kate Spade floral ring
$44 -

Guess jewelry
$28 -

Manumit bangles jewelry
£12 -

Breagha bow jewelry
£11 -

Dorothy Perkins floral brooch
£7.50 -

Priestley s Vintage bow hat
$196 -

Oasis fringed shawl
£20 -

Monday, April 4, 2011


I LIVE FOR IT Liza and Jewls!

Congrats girls!

Please email me to to arrange the shipping details!

Thanks for all of you who entered!

I hope to be blogging more often beginning next week!



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jessica Simpson... great lovers!

WHo knew? I had seen a few of her shoes, but never really explored the website! Absolutely GORGEOUS! CHECK OUT THESE! They are all at

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I know I havent write for a while! My schedule has been crazy recently! But... here are the presents for the lucky winner!
2 necklaces and 1 foulard! Valued in $50! I have no sponsors this comes from me to you, just out of love!

Invite your friends to follow me via your google account to be a the lucky winner of this fine gift!
The lucky winner will be picked on Sunday, April 3rd!
Don't miss it!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello?? Do I have any followers? Gotta do something about it!

In hopes of getting more followers, I will be having a great give away in March! I already know what it's going to be! It is gorgeous! All bloggers welcome, from any country in the world!

Just click on the follow button! I will give you an extra entry if you "Hype" my one look in, please comment here if you did!



New ideas!

Hi guys, I have been awful at uploading the Shoes challenge pictures! But I promise I haven't cheat and I have all the pictures in my camera! I lost the cable to move the pics to my computer :(
But I am getting a new one today, I hope to upload most of the pics this week!



Lovers found this past week:

A pair of lovers named after me! YEAH BABY!!!
Found here

Valentino Lovers!
Found here

White plastic weges by new discovered designer! NICE TO MEET U!
Found here

Can't go wrong with Miu Miu!
Found here

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green Era!

My first look in
Do you like it?



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Platform Pumps!

Platform Pumps!

There are so many brands, so many cuts, colors, designs, prices... but they are all lovers.. do you own a pair of these?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fashion fails!

I love the fact that fashion is not made of rules, but more of trends. You can always look hip wih a vintage shirt you found in your mom's closet from years ago, or get the newest dress off the runway and you can still call both "trendy" or "hip" as log as you wear them right.

Now, wearing it right is the clue! There are sooo many wrongs nowadays. yuck!

These are some of my least favorite:

1. Overlaying... layers are cool, three or four, not a 100!!!
Pic from here
2. Boys wearing high heels.. I don't think so!!!
Pic from here
3. See thru pants
Pic from here
4. White dress and black tights
Pic from here
5. Black tights and white shoes.. awful!
Pic from here
6. Pants that are too tight
Pic from here
What do u hate?



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blogs I love!

Have you seen the Sartotialist blog
You have to check iT! So many good pictures and his selection of street fashion... WOW!
I specially loved the entry from January 23rd, 2011, "The Best of Junya Watanabe, Paris"
I love the shorter pants were you can see the colored socks and the camel and chocolate brown oxfords. I wish men in my country would dress this nice.
Check out my faves:

I hope you enjoy it!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have finally catch up in the pictures uploading! I am doing really good so far, no problem matching the outfits and the shoes! I am thinking, I'm gonna start taking pics of the whole outfit. What do you think?



More lovers for you: