Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Part 2

3. Understand the consequences of buying cheap stuff

a. By cheap, I mean, not good quality. You can tell when shoes are poorly made, because you can see glue on the edges, or just poor material. Why is this important?

i. They will look worn out and awful after just a few uses.

ii. They will make your feet sweat and therefore stink (not sexy!)

iii. The cheap material might hurt your feet, give you blisters and spoil the event (whichever this is: even a run to supermarket can become a nightmare if your feet hurt, right?)

b. Now, if you consider the other meaning of “cheap = low price”… that is a whole different story… look for sales, look around, compare prices and brands, do some serious research before you commit, and if you know the sales season is coming you have 2 choices: wait for it and cross your fingers they won’t sell out, OR give in the pleasure of taking them home immediately.

4. Wear them in, before you wear them out!

a. Again, even good quality shoes, might hurt your feet for one reason or another, walk around your house with them at least a few hours before and if they give you any trouble, try one of the tricks I will give you later on.

b. Don’t do the introduction (Feet meet shoes, Shoes, meet feet!), right before you leave your house, especially in high heels. If you do so, you will already have tired feet when you arrive wherever you’re going; if the shoes hurt your feet in any way you won’t have time to let them rest or heal .

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Wow the Moschino pair looks beautiful!

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