Sunday, November 16, 2008


25 reasons I love Sex and the City(IN RANDOM ORDER):

1. Mr Big
2. Smith Jerrod's shaved head in support of Samatha while she had cancer
3. Carrie's obsession with shoes, specially Manolos.

4. This line: "When you are tired you take a nap-a, not move to Napa"
5. Carrie's naked dress. Season 1
6. Aidan's hand made chair for Carrie
7. The last episode in Paris.
8. Charlotte's "No, No" to Big after he stood her up Carrie on their wedding. (SATC:The movie)
9. The last dinners the girls had before Carrie moved to Paris.
10. All of Carrie's outifitts in Paris. Specislly, the Red Polkadots with white Chirstian Louboutin stilletos, gray fluffy dress that she fell asleep on while waiting for the russian the first night in Paris.

11. Samantha's outfit the day they went out after Berger broke up with Berger thru a Post It
12. Cosmopolitans
13. John Galliano and Christian Dior wedding gowns that
Carrie wore fo the Vogue photo shoot
14. The white and gold dress on the first scene of the SATC movie
15. Smith's Absolut Hunk billboard

16. The closet Big built for Carrie at the apartment on 5th
17. Samantha throwing the Dirty Martini at Richard
18. Steve's butt walking away from Miranda after the "Let's get it over with" scene.
19. Smith's full frontal for his play.
20. Miranda eating the huge I love you cookie Robert gave her.
21. Samantha's gay relationship with Maria
22. Steve's naked butt in the movie.
23. Carrie's unexplicably always surprising outfitts
24. Carrie's face while getting her Brazilian bikini wax while in L.A.
25. Carrie and Big's wedding

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