Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fashion fails!

I love the fact that fashion is not made of rules, but more of trends. You can always look hip wih a vintage shirt you found in your mom's closet from years ago, or get the newest dress off the runway and you can still call both "trendy" or "hip" as log as you wear them right.

Now, wearing it right is the clue! There are sooo many wrongs nowadays. yuck!

These are some of my least favorite:

1. Overlaying... layers are cool, three or four, not a 100!!!
Pic from here
2. Boys wearing high heels.. I don't think so!!!
Pic from here
3. See thru pants
Pic from here
4. White dress and black tights
Pic from here
5. Black tights and white shoes.. awful!
Pic from here
6. Pants that are too tight
Pic from here
What do u hate?



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